Rondo - MIDI for your mac

Rondo is no longer being actively developed or supported and will not run on MacOS 10.15+.
This page will remain so that registered users can re-download the application.
Thank you for all your support.

A free license is now available to anyone who would like one. Please check the Resources page for a link.

Image of Rondo

Rondo is a unique MIDI player designed to help you follow your music as it plays. Its vertical scrolling piano roll, horizontal live playing keyboard and visual track filtering help you focus on just part of the melody so you can study or play along.

If you are just looking for a great player for your MIDI files, Rondo can play through external devices for better sound and the built in library has unlimited playlists to help you organise your music.

Whether you use Rondo as a serious learning aid or just for fun, you will find its simple and uncluttered interface a delight to use yet powerful enough to get the most out of your music.

  • Vertical Piano Roll = Horizontal Piano
    Just like it should be. Now you can follow the music without getting a crick in your neck.
  • Movable Playhead
    Live playing keyboard located directly over the scrolling notes makes it very easy to see what notes are about to play.
  • Visual Filtering
    Visually isolate a track without affecting the audio. Focus on just a part of the melody so that you can play along.
  • Looping and Tempo Control
    Visually isolate a track without affecting the audio. Continuously loop a short section of music at tempos down to 2% of the original.
  • Library and Playlists
    Gives you instant access to your files to play and organise as you wish. Create folders to any depth and use the search field to help you find specific files.
  • External Device Support
    Play your Midi files through an external device for better sound.
  • Exporting Options
    Export whole files, selections, or individual tracks. Rename and rearrange tracks. Convert between MIDI formats 0 and 1
  • Display any type of MIDI Data
    The unique multi-column interface makes it easy to view any type of MIDI data.

Licence - Rondo is no longer being developed or supported.    Current Version - 3.1    System Requirements - OSX 10.9 - 10.14

Unlicensed copies of Rondo will run in demo mode where random features are disabled each session.